What a nice surprise! This morning we discovered at the entrance of our office building in Ghent a large insect, pasted on the wall.

Obviously a creation of the Ghent-based street artist Pol Cosmo. To this day his real identity remains a big secret (and at IFORI we do love secrets 😉 )

Pol Cosmo typically draws insects and pastes them all over the city and beyond. You can find his works in Paris, Lyon, Verona, Milan, Ljubljana, Venice, Thailand, Tomorrowland, Kathmandu, Senegal, Sydney and even on Mount Everest. You can discover his work on His intention is “to bring some colour in the city, to make the neighbourhood a nicer place to live and to surprise the people in a positive way”. Well Pol Cosmo… YOU DID!

Pol Cosmo asks only two things in return:

1. make a happy dance when you discover one on your house. Check! (fully Corona proof of course 😉)

2. share your happiness with others. Check!

To honour the occasion we have written a legal blog on street art and the legal implications if you as a company want to purchase a commissioned work.

PS: did you know that Ghent is a real canvas for street artists with many works, also by other street artists such as Roa and Bué the Warrior. Want to discover the Ghent street art hotspots? Why not download the ‘Sorry, not sorry’ street art plan of Ghent” and go for a walk this weekend:

1 March 2021